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 Think before you speak

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PostSubject: Think before you speak   Sat Nov 03, 2007 2:07 pm

Think be for you speak
Luckily, human haven’t to the point of reading each other’s thought yet (not that we know of, any ways).chances are we would have wiped each other the unfiltered inner dialoged our fellow mean and women. Sometimes, this secret slip out in a in the moment of brain –dead cluelessness. They can be career suicide if divulged at work and socially. Devastating if unleashed among friend, but nowhere else they be as damaging as when they are blurted out to your girlfriend or wife.
She’s hot
She knows you admire other girls from a far, but she doesn’t need thrown in her face .file this one under ‘E’ for ‘extremely freaking obvious!’ it is natural to look, normal to admire, but just downright stupid to vocalize to your girl .even if your girlfriend the first to notice and comment, it’s not an invitation for you for to start panting in agreement .what it is, thought, is an invitation to tell your girl how much hotter she is.
Depending on your individual relations ship, it might be kosher to point out an attractive women time to time .be tactful, keep your wits about you and your unabashed gawking can continue without serious consequence.
My EX would ……..Looking for immediately start fighting? Compare your current girl to your EX, whether it be favorable or otherwise .she trust that you’ve moved on …..Completely. Bringing up your EX in any light bring all this in to question. Telling her how your last girl would cook for your favorite pasta or give you back rubs will certainly not result in a message. it will result in her fretting away about you staying you straying back to meatloaf-cooking ex. Girls develop instant all in compassing hatred for guy’s ex-girl friend once they began dating . You are safest to not bring her up, under any circumstance.
Your friend is fool
Girls develop special brand of loyalty usually found in solider or abused dog, so calling one of her girlfriend fool is doing to get you nowhere …….. even if it is true . if you want to keep things in a good way, respect her the way she respect you . if the situation continues to affect your quality of life, corner the lady and ask her point-blank what her problem is . most of the time it will revolve around you hogging your girlfriend’s time ,or perception formed almost exclusively on your girlfriend’s commiserating with them during rocky patches. If this girl cant over her hung –ups come around to your side , it is time to let your girlfriend know. But choose your word carefully.
I am not good enough for you
Girls dig confidence, and moping around whimpering statement like this is a major turn-off. Keep your chain up and remember that you are superstar and she lucky to have you. even if you don’t feel that way, acting like it will make more like the man she wants you to be she’ll feed your ego and breed real confidence that ultimately end with you becoming good person. But whining about your shortcoming will be plant seed of doubt in to her head. It puts further under microscope and could eventually convince her that you are right ------ she is too good for you. Nice job, hot shot.
If you really loved me you would
This lame, desperate line of reasoning rarely (if ever) works. Putting condition on her love for you as low as it gets .you are smart guy; you don’t stoop to this level to get what you want .bribe with flower ,shower her in chocolate , or just man up and ask her straight .that will get you a lot closer to what you want than trying this pathetic rationalization .
You’re just like your mother
Girls love their mother with a touching and inspiring level of intensity----- but they also fear few things more than becoming their mother. So letting this slip will lead to many, many problems, whether you are right or not.
I am not in a mood
It is an odd double standard that few people talk about. Women can use just about any excuse in the book to put off sex. From hair appointment to gas pains. But if the guy is to tired or just not up for a go , it rattles the very foundation of the relationship.
She think men are sexual deviants with no off switch , and your saying no means something very sinister and seep in her mind . You can try to explain to her rationally, but all she will hear is you telling her she’s overweight, or that you already got some with the cute receptionist in the copy room.
I don’t like that piece of clothing
Women have been extremely sensitive to being controlled by their men. So loaded statement, even made off-the-cuff, cab get your girl back up and make thing really interesting. Of course, by really interesting, we mean intense, uncomfortable and completely devoid of sexual contact.
If she wearing it, she happened to like it enough to spend money on it. Making an announcement like this is not only bringing her tastes into question.
Don’t get so emotional
Injured cows, Oprah , sappy car commercials---it doesn’t take much to get girls crying. Most of the time, we find it beautifully endearing. But when things are a bit scrappy and the waterworks come out, it’s easy to snap at her. Don’t. She can’t control it; Women are just wired differently than us non-feeling, emotionally bankrupt men. It is your best interest to right out the tears and eventually work things out without resorting to this clichéd respone.
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Think before you speak
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